A day in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the thriving capital city of Malaysia, and one of the more advanced places we visit whilst in Asia. There’s so much to do here, no matter what your taste, plenty of historic buildings and temples for the culture vultures, shopping galore for those that way inclined and a fusion of tastes for the foodies. Here’s an insight into what my groups and I get up whilst there…


Batu Caves

These are just north of Kuala Lumphur though cheap and easy to get to on their rail system, (once you have worked it out- or been informed/ followed your Tour Leader). The Batu Caves is the host to a very interesting Hindu Temple.

You are greeted by a huge guy in green and then you see the hundreds of steps you need to climb to reach the top, every time I got tired I decided that step was the perfect place to stop and take a picture. Be careful what you bring with you as the area is covered with wild monkeys, brave enough to swipe anything like a bottle or plastic bag from you in the search of goodies.

shopping-in-KLHit the shops

So after a morning of Culture it’s time to hit the shops- as well as the various markets in KL there is also Time square a shopping centre with a huge Roller Coaster in it. There’s nothing that says relaxing as much as shopping and hearing people scream for their lives. Check out the picture taken by Esta.


Sky-bar-KLEvening Time and time to Chill

The best place I have found to do this is the Sky Bar in the Traders Hotel , which is on the 33rd floor and with a perfect view of the Petronas towers. It’s quite a posh bar (read expensive) though there’s a happy hour until 9 and grand for a wee holiday treat. Same prices as normal back home – and it is an amazing view with booth seating and a pool that goes right through the centre of the bar- none of my pictures do it justice.

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