Happy Birthday Tucan Travel

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Tucan Travel turns 26!

26 years ago today, the same year as the first broadcast of The Simpsons, the invention of disposable contact lenses and at a time when cycling shorts were at the height of fashion, Tucan Travel was born. After travelling the world and seeing the sights and with Los Lobos’ La Bamba in the background, Pip and Liliana set up camp in Colombia and founded one of the first ever South American Adventure Tour Companies.  The rest, as people say, is history.

Now, things have moved on a little bit. In 1997, Pip and Liliana partnered with Matt Gannan and today our overland trucks have outdoor speakers, windows and carpets and we have tours that run all over the world. We run tours down to meet the penguins in Antarctica and orang-utans in Borneo. We battle the roads of Uganda and the tides of the Amazon, the altitude of the Incas with the cold of the Mongolian desert. The roads may be more navigable now, the fashion slightly better (a matter of personal opinion, of course), and the passengers more technologically equipped but every experience is exciting and embraced with the same optimism and enthusiasm of some of our first ever passengers who started out with Pip and Liliana as their tour guides.

Travel through time back to 1987 with these vintage photos or wish Tucan Travel a Happy Birthday today!


About the Author: Jess is Communications Coordinator for Tucan Travel. She has travelled independently and on group tours through Central America, Africa, North America, Israel and Europe. You can find her on or read her other contributions here.

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  1. Happy 26th Birthday Tucan Travel, wishing you continued success :))

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