Pac Doc Orphanage

This orphanage is about 12km outside of Siem Reap en route to Phnom Phen.  You can spot it easily from the road as the fence is painted in a rainbow of colours – The group got together and did a mini shop and I had some left over money from the tipping kitty which my last group had voted should go to the orphanage- we were able to buy some  pens, pencils, colouring books, notepads, wipe boards, and washing powder , shampoo and rice. Oh and a few sneaky treats of course as well. At the time of our visit (Feb 13)  there were 42 children living at the orphanage, not all of them were orphans as such,  though each will have their own story. What they all had in common was their big smiles that greeted us, which was a delight to see.

Smiling children

These kids were really well behaved- They sat in their seats and waited their turn and when they did take one, no one tried to sneak 2! I’m not sure if I’d be as respectful- and I mean now! One of the group said the kids all look healthy and the proud response that came back was, “we get three meals a day”.

Dorms in the Orphanage

We got a tour of the orphanage, including the dorm rooms- which were very simple but clean and tidy.  They have a newly built colourful playground, that I think was supported by volunteers. The director also showed us  the shop were the kids have made t- shirts, and hammocks to sell. The group really enjoyed the experience and were glad to have visited and felt productive.

Pac Doc Orphanage can be visited on any of Tucan Travel’s Adventure Tours through Cambodia. If you are interested in donating to the Pac Doc Orphanage, contact for more information.


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