The beauty of the Masai Mara

Imagine that it is 6am, the Sun is just rising and your jeep is in the middle of the African Savannah. So many beautiful creatures surround you and this is the perfect time of day to see them.

Giraffes and zebra make their way to watering holes where they are joined by elephants, buffalo and even lions! Seeing a lion take a drink of the murky water while the nearby zebra herd remain on heightened alert is exhilerating and you feel so privileged to have seen such amazing creatures that people dream of coming close to one day.

The Wildebeest Migration

Then as your guide drives you along in the jeep you spot a wild cheetah, such an incredibly majestic animal, I challenge anyone not to be breathtaken by this site. You are within a couple of hours drive from the Tanzanian border, where the Masai Mara meets the Serengeti, an area definitely worth a visit to witness one of the world’s largest migrations: the Wildebeest migration to fresh pastures, a migration which makes this part of Africa unique!

The Masai Mara

As far as your eyes can see there are hundreds upon thousands of wildebeest, zebra and antelope gathering and moving in search of food. Witnessing their epic journey across the Mara River, with its large resident hippo and crocodile population, is a nail-bitingly tense experience. Tented accommodation is widely available in the region and you have to see these tents to appreciate how luxurious they are! Hot running water, grand beds fit for royalty and a vast array of fine food delivered directly to your accommodation makes you temporarily forget that you are in the heart of Africa, until you wake up overlooking the savannah and see a family of meerkats running in between the hooves of zebra across the Mara River!

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