Things to do in Manaus

The meeting of the waters

A sight not to be missed from Manaus, the meeting of the waters is the point where the dark Rio Negro meets the sandy colours Amazon River. Along a stretch of the river, the colours muddy together to the point where you can see exactly where the waters mix.

Visit the beach

While nowhere near as beautiful as the remote beaches on Brazil’s northern coast or as exciting as Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach, it is possible relax on beaches along the shore. Ponta Negra even has several bars and restaurants where you can admire the views with a drink or two.

Teatro Amazonas

Teatro Amazonas

Manaus’ famous Opera House was mentioned when we talked about more unknown facts about Brazil. The building is a must see when visiting Manaus, a relic of times past and an important landmark in a city now on the steep decline. It is home to the Amazonas Philharmonic Orchestra and if you are lucky, you might be able to catch a performance in the famous hall. Made of European materials which were painstakingly shipped up the Amazon River, the roofing tiles is decorated in the colours of the national flags while auditorium theatre was painted by Italian artist, Domenico de Angelis.

Amazon Jungle from Manaus

Amazon Jungle

Just 100km from Manaus it is possible to reach virgin rainforest and an abundance of wildlife. For many, the Amazon Jungle represents the unknown, unparalleled only by some parts of Africa like the jungle in the Congo. The Jungle has long been a place of mystery and danger. Today, new species are discovered all the time and with an experienced guide, it is possible to experience the real Amazon Jungle.

Try the local food

The food in this region is heavily based on the resources that can be found in the jungle combined with the Portuguese influences brought over during the period of colonisation. Instead of wheat, manioc is most commonly found and you can enjoy pancakes and cakes made from it. While in Manaus, try tambaqui, the local fish or pirarucu, the biggest fish in the Amazon.

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