Guyana where have you been all my life?

Once upon a time a group of young adventurers uncovered a country in South America, densely hidden in rainforest, far away from where Suri was telling them to go on their iPhones. The toe tapping sounds of Caribbean music drifting through the coastal breeze, tropical birds up high in the trees and the spray of the majestic Kaieteur Falls on their faces meant these travellers had found the adventure of their dreams. They had found Guyana.

Woah! Did you lose yourself momentarily there on your lunch break at work? Sorry about that. Well not really. You could be one of these bright eyed, bushy tailed backpackers discovering one of the most hidden chapters of South America. And if you’re still not convinced here are some more reasons why Guyana needs to be bumped up to the top of your list

1) Georgetown Vibes
Tree lined streets and inspired wooden architecture (including the world’s tallest wooden church) make up the Dutch colonial capital of Guyana -a mix of historical culture and fascinating sights. Chill out in the distinctly Caribbean vibes, admire the UNESCO City Hall, hunt for gold at the famous Stabroek Market or immerse yourself in the tropical flora in the Botanical Gardens.
georgetown building

2) THE Kaieteur Falls
You have done Niagara Falls. You have done Victoria Falls. You have even done Iguazu Falls. Or the most you have done is been in one those great cascading showers. Either way – fall for the Kaieteur Falls. Situated in the Kaieteur National Park, and 4 times higher than Niagara Falls, watch gallons of water shoot over the cliffs with the immense jungle surrounding you. Feel the spray on your face as make the most of this once in a lifetime experience and don’t forget to keep your eyes out on the plethora of wildlife around you.
kaiteur falls

3) Amerindian Villages
Also in the national parks of Guyana are the indigenous traditional Amerindian Villages. Visit these populations and absorb the ancient cultures that have prevailed in this South American region. Learn about the nature that they live with and the colourful cultures that surround the Guianas.

4) Walk with the wildlife
Get eye to eye, nose to nose and wing to wing with some of nature’s most amazing wildlife on the canopy walkway in Iwokrama rainforest. Walk amongst the trees and soak up the atmosphere of this once in a life time opportunity.
Guyana monkey

5) Take a rum tour
If nothing else Guyana makes great rum. Visit a production distillery and learn the rum making facts while sampling the goods on offer. Afterwards soak up the national liquor with the wide mix of cuisine available from the diverse ethnicities within the region.

6) Visit the neighbours
Once you have explored Guyana hop over to the neighbouring countries of Suriname and French Guiana. Colourful cultures, even more fantastic wildlife, indigenous tribes and landmarks steeped in history make the next chapter in your own travelling tale.
suriname river

If you want to also join the young travellers in discovering Guyana click here to start your own South American adventure

About the Author: Rosanna  is on the Marketing team at Tucan Travel. She has travelled independently and on group tours through South East Asia, and Europe. You can find her on Twitter here

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  1. do you do trips to Guyana for older people in 70’s?

    1. Hi Alvin!

      Thanks for your comment.At the moment the Guianas are only included in our Budget Expedition group tours however we will let you know if this changes in the future 🙂


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