6 ways to keep the travel memories safe

Picture this. You have landed back home after the most amazing tour, crossing 6 countries and meeting tons of friends along the way. Wistful you wish you were back, you keep flicking through the Facebook albums to remind yourself of the sun baking down on a Costa Rica beach or THAT night at Rio Carnival. Well we know that pain. All of us here at Tucan Travel know that feeling of being more lost at home than in the middle of a South American rainforest when arriving back from travels. Have no fear though! We have come up with a list of unique items to keep that travel bug buzzing before you book your next adventure!

1) The Vintage Trunk

Storage doesn’t have to be plastic boxes and flatpack furniture. Hide your belongings in this vintage travel trunk complete with destination labels. And the cool thing? It can be personalised for the destinations you visited! Perfect for keeping those travel memories safe.

Available here

2) The Journal

It’s easy to forget things on your travels. Keep this gorgeous bucket list journal to remember your keepsakes from your adventures as well as planning your next trip. Perhaps you kept your ticket from the overnight train in Thailand, or maybe you have a list of where you want to go next. Track it here- and the best thing? It comes with a set of maps so you can get inspiration for your next destination.
bucket list journal
Available here

3) The Language Necklace

Maybe you picked up a really neat word whilst on your tour through Russia, or you just like how your name is spelt in Japanese- these necklaces are a lovely memento for maintaining the lingo you learnt on your travels.
Available here

4) The Wall Sticker

Mount those once in a life time memories. Whether it was spotting lions on the African plains, or remembering that sense of achievement reaching Machu Picchu- get those all so special coordinates printed with this personalised wall sticker.
Available here

5) The Music

Did you find a salsa song you shimmied to in Cuba? Or maybe you got obsessed with one of the samba school sounds in Rio. Whatever your jam is, download the songs from the countries you visited – and you will build up a playlist to remind you of your travels on your gloomy Monday commute

6) The Scratch Map

Last but not least we have the ever popular scratch map. Buy one of these babies and scratch off the destinations you have been too. It’s a great way to build up motivation to scratch more countries of your list too!
Available here

About the Author: Rosanna  is on the Marketing team at Tucan Travel. She has travelled independently and on group tours through South East Asia, and Europe. You can find her on Twitter here

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  1. These are all great and quirky ideas to store your travel memories! I love keeping mine in a simple shoebox under the bed but getting a vintage trunk sounds really good! Will try it out, thanks for this post!

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