Honeymoons with a difference

There are 3 important questions during wedding season.
1) Will you marry me?
2) Do you take XX to be your lawful wedded spouse?
3) Where shall we go on our honeymoon?

Now we can’t help you with the first two unfortunately (unless you happen to get engaged on one of our tours) but we can definitely help with the third. Put down the glossy bridal magazines for a second and consider an exciting adventure honeymoon which can take you and your partner to some of the most fascinating corners of the globe

Below we have listed some absolutely amazing destinations for post wedding exploits- though we can’t promise you won’t be that smug couple when you return.

1) Buenos Aires

Get hot and steamy in saucy Argentina- take a tango lesson before soaking up the city vibes over a succulent steak and a deep glass of red wine. Why not include an Estancia day trip and horse ride through the hills on a traditional rural ranch before heading back to sexy Buenos Aires?
2) Kerala

Imagine you and your partner are lazily sailing down tranquil waters on a traditional barge, the scent of exotic spices drifts subtlety in the breeze whilst the sun sets in the distance. Get away from it all on this peaceful slice of paradise in India and start wedded life in bliss.

3) Galápagos Islands

Walk on the wild side with your spouse. Hike, swim, snorkel and view the ridiculous amount of wildlife on offer. A photographers dream, build those new marriage photo albums with shots of sea lions, giant tortoises, penguins and seals. And obviously selfies of you two too.
4) Mendoza

What could be more romantic than cycling through the vineyards of Argentina sampling sensational wines on your way? After getting deliciously tipsy you can then wander the tree lined streets and relaxed plazas reminiscing about what your bridesmaids got up to on the wedding day.

5) Costa Rica
Immerse yourself in the beauty of Costa Rica. Whether your partner is an adrenaline junkie and you just want to soak up the sun, this Central American gem has something for everyone. Relax on deserted beaches, taste delicious chocolate at authentic cocoa plantations and listen to the calming sounds of the waterfall whilst cuddling up under the stars.

6) Amazon Jungle

“Welcome to the jungle we got fun and games…” AND AN ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME. Like the popular lyrics of Guns and Roses, venture deep into the tropical jungle and spot a whole host of incredible wildlife before snuggling up in one of our 4* awesome jungle lodges. Maybe not the most romantic getaway but definitely a tropical adventure!

7) Cuba

Sway to the sensual rhythms of salsa whilst you explore beguiling Cuba. Wander the capital of Havana with its fascinating 1950s feel and absorb the romantic sounds of jazz as you and your partner lounge in authentic rum bars before swimming in the stunning natural pools of Trinidad.

If you have the adventure bug and want to start wedded life with a bang, give our fantastic tailor made team a ring to create honeymoon memories of a lifetime, personalised for you.


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