Tucan Travel Stories – Ron & Jess DiPaola

As  part of our 30th Birthday celebrations we are collating stories from Tucan Travellers. Ron and Jess, have a particularly special story to share. Read it here.

Friends on the Inca Trail Trek

“In March of 2011, two friends from high school, a friend from work and I decided we wanted to hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu.  We booked a 16 day adventure so we could see the rain forest and Lake Titicaca in May 2011.  Little did any of us know how much my life was about to change.

The tour group was us four Americans, eight Australians and four from the UK and as I recall we all bonded well that first day.  One particular Australian, Jessica, and I got along unbelievably well right from the start, she had brought a day pack that was way too large for her and I had bought one online before I left and it was quite small.  We arranged to swap bags and the conversation and relationship budded from there.  We had plenty of time in Cusco, along the trail, on the plane to Bolivia and on the longest bus ride of our lives (to Lake Titicaca and back from La Paz in the same day) to get to know one another.  We opened up to one another thinking we probably would never see each other again.

Today I call this Australian my wife.

Rob and Jess' wedding day

We kept in touch, she came and visited me in America, I visited her in Australia, she moved to the US in 2012 and in 2014 we moved to Australia.  In October 2015 we married in Melbourne, Australia and are happy to say that two of the Americans on the Tucan trip were in attendance as my groomsmen and two of the Australians on the trip were in attendance the day we tied the knot.

We have a Facebook group we used to share all our pictures.  I have selected out a few for you, one of all of us on the trail, one the day we married and a Tucan wedding photo with the six of us.

Thanks Tucan for changing our lives.”

The happy couple and their Tucan Travel group

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