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tuk tuk outside Bangkok Grand Palace

Top 10 reasons to visit South East Asia in the rainy season

Posted on 25. May, 2017 by Rosanna Neophytou.


South East Asia, packed with beautiful temples, delicious food, breathtaking beaches and endless rice paddy landscapes. But when is the best time to go? Many people want to avoid the rainy season when making their travel plans, but actually, this can be the best time to visit! When is the rainy season in…..? 1. Thailand [...]

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Tips for visiting Machu Picchu

9 Tips for enjoying a day at Machu Picchu

Posted on 16. May, 2017 by Jess Millett.


As part of our guide to Machu Picchu we have put together our top tips for making the most of your day. 1. Pack Snacks Apart from vending machines and an overpriced restaurant at the entry to the site, food options are quite limited. Pack a couple of snacks in your daypack for something to [...]

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machu picchu

Opening times at Machu Picchu

Posted on 15. May, 2017 by Jess Millett.


Machu Picchu is on the top of everyone’s list when they are planning a trip to Peru. Known as the ‘Lost City of the Incas’ it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983. It is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in South America and a New Wonder of the World. The [...]

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