Best winter holiday destinations in Europe

Whilst a truly devoted sun worshipper wouldn’t ever dream of going on holiday that doesn’t include a daily dose of vitamin D, if you can bear the Baltic temperatures, you may just have the holiday of a lifetime! Europe is packed with perfect winter holiday destinations made especially beautiful by the delicate dusting of soft, white snow. Picture wandering quaint cobbled streets, sipping Belgian hot chocolate at Christmas market stalls. Imagine being seated beside a roaring fire listening to chilling, age-old tales in Dracula’s lair. Enchanting scenery and stunning landscapes create a heavenly, magical atmosphere that must be explored! Here’s our picks of the best winter holiday destinations in Europe!


Budapest, Hungary

It is often said that the best time to visit Budapest is during winter. The city really comes into its own! The stunning Gothic parliament building is impressive at any time of year but when coated in snowflakes, surrounded by drift ice on the Danube river, it’s even more enchanting! A holiday to Budapest isn’t complete without a trip to the thermal baths, and it’s even better in winter! Watching clouds of steam rise whilst submerged in hot pools of clear blue water, surrounded by snow capped buildings is a unique experience and one that won’t be forgotten easily! Warm up after with a hearty, steaming bowl of Goulash in a cosy, traditional Hungarian bar.

Best winter holiday destinations in Europe-Hungary-Budapest in winter


Berlin, Germany

Famous for its Christmas markets, warming comfort food and intense nightlife, Berlin is a winter paradise and one of the most popular winter holiday destinations. People travel from all over the world specifically to experience the plethora of Christmas markets. Everything from the quaint, neighbourhood collection of stalls, to the glittering, lively city bazaars. Wander the rows of perfectly lined, fairytale wooden huts selling every kind of gift imaginable, whilst sipping on spiced mulled wine and munching on chocolate dipped waffles!

Best winter holiday destinations in Europe-Berlin-Europe-Christmas Market


Amsterdam, Netherlands

The sleepy, winding canal system of Amsterdam is stunning all year round, but watching from a cafe as a blanket of snow falls on the cobbled streets makes the atmosphere feel especially magical. From November to January, Amsterdam host a light festival displaying a vibrant, colourful show of lights dancing off the surface of the canals. Spend the cold evenings sharing a dutch, cheese fondue and a warming bottle of red whilst the picturesque streets outside twinkle with the million fairy lights that line the canals.

Best winter holiday destinations in Europe


Bruges, Belgium

What could be better than walking the streets of a true, fairytale town? Walking the streets of a fairytale town covered with snow! Bruges is Europe’s most well-preserved medieval city which has somehow managed to retain all of its age-old charm. Live the fairytale by taking a ride in a horse drawn carriage along the winding, cobble stoned streets, wrapped in a cosy blanket, clutching a Belgian hot chocolate. Trot past the twinkling displays filling almost every shop window, admiring the magical atmosphere the sparkling trees lining the pavements create. Winter bliss right there!

Best winter holiday destinations in Europe-Bruges-Belgium in winter


Paris, France

Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, which unfortunately means one of the busiest. However, come winter time you may be able to climb the Eiffel Tower without queuing for 5 hours! The city of lights really stays true to its name at Christmas. See fairy lights twinkling amidst the snow dusted tree tops. Extravagant Christmas displays on the promenades and cosy neighbourhood bistros serving up pungent raclette by candlelight. They say Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and it’s even more so during winter!

Best winter holiday destinations in Europe-France-Paris in winter


Vienna, Austria

Repeatedly voted as one of the best cities in Europe, Vienna has an opulent charm like no other. Especially in winter! The stately buildings and grand, imperial palaces look even more impressive iced in a pristine coat of snow. Vienna is famous for its carnival season from January to March where it hosts hundreds of elegant, high class balls. Dress to the nines and waltz the night away to iconic classical music. The coffee culture is also at its best during winter. Sit in the ornate cafes, tucking into an Apfelstrudel and sipping a warming Melange.

Best winter holiday destinations in Europe-Czech Republic-Prague in winter


Prague, Czech Republic

Almost guaranteed to have a lot of snow, Prague is well-known as being one of the best winter city breaks in Europe. Climb up to the largest ancient castle in the world and take in the view which is spectacular on a normal day, but when the entire town is coated in a thick blanket of snow, is practically otherworldly! Attractions such as Charles Bridge have much fewer crowds (at least by Prague standards anyway!), and Old Town becomes a proper winter wonderland! Wrap up warm to peruse the art galleries and designer boutiques that line the snow covered cobbled streets and end your days sipping mulled wine and nibbling on Trdelnik (delicious fried dough!). The Czech cuisine really comes into its own during winter! Based around hearty, steaming bowls of stew or warming soups – just what you crave during the bitter cold months.

Best winter holiday destinations in Europe-Czech Republic-Prague in winter


St. Petersburg, Russia

Winter is St. Petersburg’s natural season and one of the most perfect winter holiday destinations! Picture grand palaces sparkling in the snow, elegant bridges arching over frozen, glassy rivers. Fresh snow falls daily, painting the entire city white, with the odd splash of colour from Russian Revival architecture illuminating the sky.  A quick tip – Russia in the winter is not for the faint-hearted! With temperatures often around -9°C, you need to be prepared. Join Russian’s everywhere looking fabulous dressed head to toe in fur! And a visit to a Russian Banya is almost a right of passage! They can apparently cure any ailment – from skin conditions to muscle aches to broken hearts.

Best winter holiday destinations in Europe-Russia-St Petersburg in winter


Venice, Italy

Being such a small city, Venice can unfortunately, easily get overrun with tourists – especially during peak season. But winter is another story entirely! Wander the labyrinth of lanes at your leisure, popping into bakeries for freshly cooked pizzas, or sipping Venetian hot chocolate, tucking into a warming plate of nutmeg butter gnocchi. No trip to Venice is complete without a gondola ride, but yours will be extra special! Drift slowly through the fog walls on the grand canal – eerily peaceful and incredibly beautiful. Being one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice doesn’t really need a helping hand in that department, but isn’t everything always a little more romantic in the snow?!

Best winter holiday destinations in Europe-Italy-Venice in winter


Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Plitvice National Park in Croatia is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, almost otherworldly! Made up of 16 lakes ranging from every shade of blue to green, interconnected by hundreds of cascading waterfalls. In summer it is sublime, heavenly. In winter, it’s the stuff of fairy-tales. Waterfalls freeze into curtains of ice creating elaborate natural frozen patterns. Snow is almost guaranteed, covering the grass fringing the azure blue pools. The park is eerily quiet during winter, without the usual crashing of water into the pools below, but that just adds to the magical charm!

Best winter holiday destinations in Europe-Croatia-Plitvice National Park


Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled offers up something different for every season, each one unique and beautiful in its own way. The perfect setting of the lake encompasses tall snow-capped trees fringing the parameter of the lake, the peaks of the Julian Alps rising above the skyline. During winter the lake is dazzlingly beautiful, snow circling the vast expanse of water. The fairytale, medieval Bled Castle is especially magical during winter. Dusted in snowflakes, perched high over the north side of the lake. Hire a small boat and row to the tiny island which houses a single, pilgrimage church and steeple. And if it freezes? Go ice skating! There is also a great Snowshoe trek to do around Lake Bled – now that is a unique way to see one of the most beautiful places in Europe!

Best winter holiday destinations in Europe-Slovenia-Lake Bled in winter


Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania, a land shrouded in myths, legends and spooky stories. Apparently the original setting of the dreaded Dracula, the medieval fortress of Bran Castle makes the perfect setting for one of the spookiest winter holiday destinations! Of course, it is still incredibly beautiful in summer, but something about listening to scary, old stories about vampires doesn’t quite have the same effect when the sun is shining and the weather is hot! Bran Castle was made for dreary, stormy grey nights, hedged in with skeletal trees and barren grasslands. Sit beside a roaring fire listening to the myths and legends, learning about vampires quaking under a cosy rug, mulled wine in hand. Perfection!

Best winter holiday destinations in Europe-Romania-Transylvania in winter

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