Having a quarter-life crisis? We have been there.

27 or 28 and still trying to decide what you want to be when you grow up? Stuck between wanting to settle down but also wanting to tick off adventures before you’re 35? In a relationship and just not quite sure if you’re ready to commit? Welcome to the quarter life crisis! 

With rising house prices, increasing student loans and what seems like purely doom and gloom coming from every news source, it is no wonder that many people in their twenties and thirties are feeling more and more uncertain with their supposed life plans. Social media doesn’t help. Instagram shows the constant ideal from 21 year olds who seem to have their shit together and buying houses, to every school mate you have ever known tying the knot with elaborate weddings in Italy. 

We get it. Most of the Tucan Traveller family have at one point questioned that there must be more to life than the same old routine and have battled the same quarter-life crisis which you are going through now.

So what did we do? 

Well we escaped. Some of us have been backpacking across the world since we left school or university while others just took a few weeks to take some time, switch their phone off and really think about what it is we want from life. 

Relationship problems? Much easier to think about when you’re hiking through the wilderness trails in Patagonia with just the wind in your hair and no Wi-Fi to Facebook stalk. Still trying to figure out what it is that you actually want to do? Those travelling experiences may just help you decide. From deep-sea diving in Thailand to learning to salsa in Cuba there are a myriad of experiences you gain seeing the world which will open your eyes to way more career opportunities than your school ever told you about. 

We are not suggesting you throw it all in and relocate to the middle of nowhere Robinson Crusoe style (unless that’s your vibe.) We are just saying that taking some time to get away from it all may help may things a bit clearer. If you’re nervous about taking the plunge and travelling solo, then starting on a group tour can help you find your feet. Give a 2 or 3 week tour a go, make some new friends (ideally ones in other countries which you can visit in the future) and then head off independently to chase your own experiences. 

It doesn’t have to stop when you get home. All of our head office staff have made sure their 9-5 jobs still reflect their passion. Sure, it may not be designer bags and fast cars but all of us can say we come in each day without dreading the mornings. And that really helps ease off any quarter-life crisis blues. 

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