10 best places to go in March

If you’re wondering where is hot in March? or simply need some inspiration for your March holiday then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for the 10 best places to go in March.

Valle de la Luna, Chile

1. Chile

Chile is 4,270km long which makes it difficult to pin-point a time of year which is pleasant no matter where you are in the country but March might just be the answer. Summer is slowly coming to an end which is a good time to visit Patagonia, the southern part of Chile. The Atacama Desert is another big pull for visitors coming to Chile and March is one of the best times to go and see the driest desert on earth. Weather is hot during the day and cold at night but March is usually not plagued by the downpours and storms the area experiences in the winter months.

Explore the Atacama desert on our Peru, Bolivia and Chile tour or if you’re after an active hiking holiday take a look at the Patagonia Highlights tour. Do you have enough time to do both? The Peru, Bolivia, Chile & Argentina tour combines the two.

Cameron Highlands in Malaysia

2. Peninsular Malaysia

Malaysia is certainly a hot place to go in March. It’s a tropical country and temperatures are fairly stable throughout the year but the east and west coasts both experience different monsoon seasons. March is the “shoulder season” and usually marks high temperatures and calmer weather which comes with fewer crowds. It’s the ideal time to explore the colourful houses in Penang, admire the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur and catch the last of the lush green scenery in the Cameron Highlands. Be warned though, rain can hit you any time in Malaysia, even in the driest of months (although it usually clears up after an hour or so of heavy rainfall). Make sure to pack an umbrella!

Malaysia is still one of the less travelled countries in South East Asia. Take advantage and explore the country on our 12-day Thailand & Malaysia tour.

Iguazu Falls at its peak

3. Iguazu Falls, Brazil & Argentina 

December through to February are an extremely rainy period at the Iguazu Falls. The good thing about this period is that the falls are soaring and at their peak, making March the perfect time to visit if you want to see the falls in all their glory with less chance of rain before dry season hits in full force. You’ll also find fewer crowds in March (unless Easter falls in March).

Travel from the Salsa capital Buenos Aires to the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro and admire the Iguazu Falls from the Argentinian and Brazilian sides on our Buenos Aires to Rio tour.

Horse in Arenal, Costa Rica

4. Costa Rica

Dry weather (at least as dry as it gets in tropical countries) and warm temperatures characterise March in Costa Rica which makes it the perfect destination for your March holiday. Due to the high season you’ll find lots of activities on offer and the country turns into an adventure capital for all travellers who crave an active holiday. Wildlife spotting, exploring the jungle, white water rafting, horse riding and the list goes on and on whilst still being able to relax on one of the picturesque beaches.

Did you know that Costa Rica has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2021? All the more reason to visit the country if you ask us.

If you’d like to visit Costa Rica take a look at our Nature Trails tour. From the wild vegetation of the Monteverde Cloud Forest and spotting sloths in Manuel Antonio National Park to hiking in La Fortuna, it’s the perfect adventure holiday.

Bridge in Hoi An

5. Vietnam

Vietnam doesn’t quite stretch over 4,000km like Chile but certainly separates its northern and southern borders far enough to make visitors feel the difference in weather when travelling around the country. Temperatures in the northern part of the country are cooler than in the southern part but the whole country experiences less rain in March which makes it a great place to go in March.

Travel the full length of Vietnam and see highlights such as Halong Bay, one of the country’s most beautiful towns, Hoi An, and prepare yourself for stunning views from the Hai Van Pass on our 8-day Vietnam Highlights tour. 

Beach in the Maldives

6. The Maldives

The Maldives – famous across the globe for its flawless white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. The island formation tempts even the most adventurous of travellers to opt for a romantic beach holiday. Visit the Maldives towards the end of March for warm weather, blue skies and fewer crowds.

Contact our Tailor-made team for more information on a trip to the Maldives.

Kuang Si Waterfall in Luang Prabang

7. Laos

As Vietnam’s neighbour it’s no surprise that March is also a great time to visit Laos. You can expect warm weather and little rain at this time of year. If you live in the northern hemisphere and have enough of winter it’s the perfect destination for your March holiday to escape the cold and return home in spring.

Enjoy scenic views, blue lagoons and beautiful temples in Laos on our Laos & Thailand Highlights tour.

Chichen Itza, Mexico

8. Mexico

The dry season in Mexico runs from December to April but temperatures are slightly cooler until February which is why it’s a good place to go in March. From mysterious, ancient civilizations to colorful towns and relaxing beaches, there isn’t much Mexico can’t offer its visitors.

Explore Teotihuacan, Chichen Itza and end your trip on one of the relaxing beaches in Cancun on our Highlights of Mexico tour.

Main square in Marrakech, Morocco

9. Morocco

If you live in Europe then Morocco is the perfect quick getaway in March from the cold weather, fly 3-4 hours and you’re in a completely different climate and world! But no matter where you live, Morocco should be on your list. Characterised by hospitality you’ll rarely find anywhere else, delicious food and stunning scenery wherever you go, whether it’s the Sahara desert or the picturesque Atlas mountains. Morocco is a great place to go in March as there’s still fewer crowds and the weather isn’t yet unbearably hot during the day. Make sure to bring a jumper for the evening though, Morocco can get chilly once the sun has set!

Check out our most popular Morocco itinerary – Highlights of Morocco – and get a taste for the culturally rich and yet surprisingly diverse country.

Beach in Honduras

10. Honduras

Honduras is a year-round destination but the beaches are best enjoyed in its dry season which runs from December to April. March is a good time to go to Honduras to take advantage of the good weather and explore the country’s temples and beaches. Top Tip: Make the most of your trip and visit neighbouring Guatemala whilst you’re there and prepare to fall in love with Central America.

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