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frog in brazilian jungleOn arrival in Manaus, there is the option to join a 4 night excursion into the jungle by boat or dugout canoe in search of caiman, fresh water dolphins, jaguar and other animals, accompanied by expert local guides. The accommodation and facilities here are very basic, and consist of hammocks under open-sided shelter, with basic shared bathroom facilities. All meals are included.

Best time to visit the Brazilian Amazon

Because of its proximity to the equator, the temperatures in the Amazonas region of Brazil are warm all year round. The most important seasonal differences are rainy/wet and dry season. In this region the rainy season runs roughly from mid December through early May, the temperature is a bit cooler than the dry season of June to early December. There is only a 5 degree difference in the average temperature between months though.

The advantage of travelling in the rainy season between January and May is that riverside plants fruit and flower during this period, attracting birds and monkeys to the water's edge. Though it can rain slightly more in the rainy season, it usually rains most days in the dry season too.

In the dry season the water levels in most of the rivers begin to drop, revealing sandy beaches. From November through January, it's possible to see millions of migratory fish laying their eggs in the shallower waters, and it's this abundance of fish that attracts nesting birds like terms, Black Skinners and even turtles and caiman to take advantage of the readily available food supply.

A Tailor-made tour to the Brazilian Amazon

Our group tours do not currently visit the Brazilian part of the Amazon Jungle, but our Tailor-made department can help you plan your trip there instead. Browse our Tailor-made tours here

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