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Our Worldwide Adventures are designed for travellers who love to travel with a small group on different forms of transport, getting involved with the local culture. We don’t stay in fancy hotels, opting instead for more authentic, often locally-owned guesthouses and hotels. Occasionally, remote locations may not include modern luxuries like hot running water or private en-suite, so it’s important to pack a sense of adventure! You’ll need a certain level of fitness depending on the tour and the included activities. If you are concerned about whether a specific tour is for you, contact our staff and they will be happy to talk to you about your adventure travel plans.

Adventure Tours


Our group tours involve many walks between bus or train terminals and hotels, so travellers must be able to carry their own luggage over various terrains, as well as lift luggage on to the tops of buses. We therefore recommend backpacks over suitcases, as you may be off the beaten track every now and again. It is important that you only pack what you can comfortably carry. By packing less you will have a more enjoyable tour and have more room in your luggage for souvenirs! On tours that include flights, Tucan Travel will cover the cost of your checked baggage up to 20kg, even in cases where the airline policy is lower. All baggage over 20kg may still be checked, but charges will be the responsibility of the traveller.

Adventure Tours


Our Worldwide Adventures offer a variety of included excursions, such as visits to national parks, local communities, ancient ruins, museums and other natural and cultural highlights. Some excursions such as the Inca Trail Trek and Gorilla Trek must be booked in advance, and you will also be given the opportunity to opt out of excursions like these. There is also a range of optional excursions available at extra cost which can be booked locally with the help of your tour leader.

Adventure Tours

Group Size

Average group size depends on the tour you take. Some will have no minimum or maximum numbers, while others will operate with up to 34 passengers. The average number of people in a group is 12.

Adventure Tours


On our Worldwide Adventures we stay in small, locally-owned hotels rather than large international chains. We are occasionally far from towns and cities, staying in unique places such as jungle lodges, Chinese junk boats or remote home-stays. Depending on the tour, the accommodation we use is generally the equivalent in comfort of a two to three star hotel. We stay in small hotels, hostels and guest houses which are usually situated close to the main sights and town centres. They are chosen for their local character, ambience, cleanliness and security. You will find comfortable rooms with en-suite facilities (although on rare occasions bathrooms may be shared).

All accommodation is included from the arrival day until check out time on the final day of the tour. Travellers will share rooms with other group members of the same gender. Mostly this will be in twin rooms although sometimes in triples depending on the group composition and hotel rooming structure. On occasion, when we are somewhere truly spectacular (such as the Inca Trail, the Annapurna Trek or the Mekong Delta in Vietnam), we may stay in more rustic accommodation. Specific information on this is available on your tour dossier.

Please note: Accommodation sometimes has erratic services such as a lack of hot water or no central heating. Depending on the tour, there may be occasions when you are camping or your overnight accommodation is on buses, trains or boats. More details on accommodation can be found on each tour itinerary page. Hotel staff don’t always speak English and sometimes our reservations are “lost”! In general, facilities are very good but please be prepared for the occasional mishap, which is all part of the typical travel experience.

I’d like my own room

You can pay a single supplement and upgrade to a single room on most of our Worldwide Adventures. Sometimes single occupancy is not available, such as in the Amazon Jungle, on the Inca Trail or when we are in homestays. In each tour dossier we give a day-by-day itinerary stating on which days single rooms are available.

Pre and post tour accommodation

Extra accommodation is available if you want more time in your joining or departure city. It is best to book this at the same time as your tour as hotel availability may be limited closer to the time of departure. Accommodation is included from 1pm on day one until checkout time on the morning the tour ends. If you are arriving early or are staying until late afternoon or evening and want to use your hotel room, you will need to book an extra night. If you make changes to your booking or add accommodation within one month of the tour departure date, a late booking fee will apply.

Adventure Tours


Meals are generally not included, so you can get out there and experience the best local cuisine on offer according to your own tastes and budget. Meals are sometimes included on overnight excursions such as safaris, boat trips and trekking. We provide information about local cuisine in our country dossiers and state how many meals are included in each tour dossier.

Adventure Tours


See the world in an authentic way and travel like a local. Our Adventure Tours use a variety of transport depending on the region in which you are travelling and the length and size of your tour. Our aim is not simply to get you from A to B, but to help you experience each destination as a genuine traveller. Examples of the transport used include local buses, trains, private minibuses, air-conditioned coaches, motorised canoes, short flights, taxis, tuk-tuks and ferries.

Transport standards vary dramatically from country to country and there are locations where travelling conditions can be cramped and seating not always guaranteed. This is part of the travel experience and interesting transport capers can lead to some great travel stories when you get home! If this doesn’t sound like you, please contact our team and we will advise you the travel style most suited to you.

On some of our tours in Africa and portions of South America, we will use our custom-built overland trucks. These trucks reach places where public transport cannot reach and have a huge amount of space and storage.

Airport transfers

Arrival and departure transfers are not included, but can be booked at an additional cost. For those that prefer not to book an airport transfer, we provide information in the joining letters about how to get to your hotel.

Overnight transport

Overnight buses tend to offer reclining seats, regular toilet stops with snack stalls and air-conditioning or ventilation. Overnight trains generally feature reclining seats with air-conditioning or ventilation and Western or squat style toilets. Some trains offer flat-sleeper beds with sheets in multi-share cabins and onboard restaurants. Overnight ferries feature multi-share cabins with beds, toilets, an onboard shop and ventilation. Please note facilities vary by destination and transport operator.

Travel times

The occasional long travel day is inevitable when you are covering large distances. Our Worldwide Adventures try to find the balance between long, short and non travel days, ensuring our itineraries aren’t too tiring and give you time to explore. We cut down on travel times by including some short flights and overnight trains and buses. Each itinerary is different, so please check the tour itineraries for information on travel times.

Adventure Tours


Worldwide Adventures are accompanied by a Tucan Travel tour leader, who will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the tour, so you are free to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. Our tour leaders are genuine travel addicts who will share their passion for their destination with you.

You may be assisted at other times by Tucan Travel representatives, who will escort you at times when your tour leader may not be available. In addition, local guides are used to accompany many of our excursions, such as visits to archaeological sites and the Inca Trail Trek. Their knowledge of the local area and familiarity with its customs and history will enhance your experience by getting to know a country from a local's perspective.

Most of our tours operate on a modular system with smaller tour sections joining and leaving the master tour throughout its duration. This means that you may start your tour with a local representative and then meet up with your tour leader and the rest of your group on day two of the tour.


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